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April 18, 2018Practice Management

Technology Time Savers

Midwest Vision Care of Columbia, LLC These days the to-do list is never ending. To spend any quality time doing enjoyable things, it is important to be as efficient as possible. Using technology in your practice is one way to shave off t...

January 10, 2018Billing and Coding

Back to Basics

InSight Eye Care, Oshkosh, WI A little over a year ago, a wave of letters from United Health Care (UHC) started showing up in doctors’ mail boxes across the country. And to no one’s surprise, another wave appears to have just been se...

December 11, 2017Billing and Coding

Strategic Coding

InSight Eye Care, Oshkosh, WI With a new year, we typically find ourselves making commitments to “do better” in life, exercise more, spend more time with our family, etc. Could we maybe add proper coding of our medical records to the...

October 24, 2017New Practice

Starting from the Ground Up

A Guide to Opening a New Optometry Practice Opening a practice cold or buying a practice is a very challenging, yet rewarding adventure. There are many ways to go about this business opportunity, however you must have two key elements to...

June 8, 2017Practice Management

Don’t Get Bullied

When mail comes from an insurance company, I expect it will be a check and checks make me happy. But when it is something else, it always seems to be something that makes me unhappy. I have found that “news” from a third party payer ...

May 25, 2017Practice Management

Are You Old School?

Vision Source of GVR, Denver, CO “Paper charts? That’s so old school!” is what I often hear when I discuss the benefits of using electronic health records (EHR) with students at private practice club meetings across the country. It...

May 13, 2017Patient Care

Are You a Good Doctor?

As an optometrist, I have always thought I do a good job. I listen to my patients' concerns, use high tech equipment, work with a very talented team and make strong recommendations. I have always tried to honor our mission statement by c...


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