Our Story

Our Story

It All Started with RevolutionEHR

The requests kept coming. A growing number of RevolutionEHR users were reaching out to our customer support team with requests for additional help:

“We’re tired of insurance billing, can you do that for us?”
“I’m not sure our doctors are coding things right, is that something you can analyze for us?”
“This Meaningful Use reporting is SUCH a pain, can you take that off our hands?”

As an OD led company with deep eye care experience across our team, we were convinced we had the expertise, imagination, team and software platform in RevolutionEHR to solve those problems for our customers.

In 2013, we launched RevCycle – a revenue cycle management service to provide insurance billing services to RevolutionEHR customers. Now, RevCycle is one of the fastest growing segments of the overall business serving hundreds of RevolutionEHR customers in reducing accounts receivable and providing efficiencies by offloading the back-office’s busy work.

Shortly after launching RevCycle, we launched another service called RevAssure to provide billing, coding and audit advice to RevolutionEHR users.

In late 2015 we launched Rev360, the ECP business services company, with an ongoing commitment to dream up, build and deliver business services designed to provide more profitability and joy to practice owners who choose RevolutionEHR for their practice.

For instance, why not provide a service that supports, equips and assists RevolutionEHR doctors through the entire process of CMS quality reporting? We call it RevAspire.

Why not completely automate the product ordering process with direct integrations with eye correcting product companies directly within RevolutionEHR? Imagine the ordering efficiency. We call it SmartFlow for Sight ™.

Why not provide coaching for eye care teams – using the insights from data within RevolutionEHR to help doctors and their staff get better in their clinical and business decisions? Actual coaching for your team. We call it Fitify.

It all starts with RevolutionEHR. Rev360, the ECP services company, committed to increasing profitability and joy for ECP practice owners who choose RevolutionEHR for their practice.