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EDGEPro is a unique business philosophy that provides web based information in the form of graphics, charts and visuals. We transform complex difficult to understand data from RevolutionEHR to easy to understand reports that measure and track your business. This information is imperative to support the impact of your decisions. EDGEPro members also receive one-on-one private consultations, business webinars, best practices, and business resources.

Why You Need EDGEPro:

We all understand the importance of tracking the performance of our businesses. Unfortunately most of us find it challenging to get it done due to time restraints and the complexities of creating reports. EDGEPro makes it easy as we provide a simple to use philosophy that keeps you in control with just minutes a week. EDGEPro is a business management tool that does not require you to have a business management degree to use and understand.


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An Expanding Ecosystem of Partner Solutions

We are constantly expanding our ecosystem of integrated partner solutions to add value to your practice. Each partner solution is seamlessly integrated into RevolutionEHR.