Image Management

Unified Image Management

RevImaging is image management software built for and enabled directly in RevolutionEHR. RevImaging provides RevolutionEHR users a completely unified, efficient, feature rich image management service for better disease progression monitoring, decision making and overall patient care experiences.

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RevImaging is scheduled for availability in Q2 of 2018. Take advantage of our introductory pricing by signing up before the launch of RevImaging. Simply fill out the form here and a representative will reach out to provide you with our introductory pricing and answer your questions.

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Unique to RevImaging is the efficiency that comes from centralized image management. Simultaneous viewing from a wide array of devices provides a seamless experience for reviewing patient images regardless of the origin of the image.

Because RevImaging is enabled within RevolutionEHR, it comes with all of the same cloud-based advantages:

  • Access to images from anywhere
  • No need for additional hardware or servers to store images
  • No need for networking of devices in your office

RevImaging offers a variety of rich image management features enabled directly within RevolutionEHR:


View up to 8 images simultaneously for seamless, efficient image analysis and patient education


RGB filters for multilayer retina photo analysis


Link exam findings to images


Apply actions across multiple images for more efficient review


Store and and review DICOM images